Gianfranco Berta

Gianfranco was a craftsman of his land. The hills around him always filled his eyes and in his heart. After years in office as Chairman of Confartigianato di Asti and Astesana, he had become a point of reference for the artisan world and beyond.

He had moved on from being an artisan to become an entrepreneur with uncommon farsightedness, always with an eye on new goals, focused on more than just profit. Distillerie Berta was never his goal, but a means to go further and to create a system to welcome and promote not only his products and grappa, but the entire Monferrato, Langhe and Roero area.
Taking his distillates around the world, to tell the story of the goodness and charm of these hills. This was his motto.

Gianfranco left us in 2015. But his legacy as a father, husband, brother and man will remain with us forever. It is in the name of his messages, his words and his actions that we created the SoloPerGian Foundation.



We believe in the food, wine and beauty that make Monferrato great. We believe that no product of our land is so negligible as to become extinct and that no area is so small that it cannot become great.


We believe in those who get their hands dirty and we believe that those who spend themselves for their land every day should be rewarded.


We believe in young people, who hold within them the seed of the new world, and we offer them the opportunity to train or retrain and learn a new trade.


We believe in the value of study, research and discovery. We believe in great teachers and in young people who teach their dreams, we believe in free culture accessible to everyone, we believe that the land we inhabit can be the school where we can learn both to know and love it.


We believe in sharing ideas, in conferences that spark enlightenment and debate. We believe that beautiful things should be displayed and not locked away.


We believe in people who are worth something and we reward them with scholarships and genuine opportunities.