The grappa

“SoloPerGian” is an aged grappa, aged in 100-litre barrels in the new “SoloPerGian” cellars which have recently been completed. A grappa which is created from the combination of three Reserves, all an essential part of the Family; Tre Soli Tre (Nebbiolo grappa), Bric del Gaian (Moscato grappa) and Roccanivo (Barbera grappa), produced in 2005 and carefully blended before being poured into the barrels.

It is the only project of its kind worldwide, given the size of the barrels where the grappa rests for two years, after an ageing period of 8 years in 1200-litre barrels. This was Gian’s latest challenge and his last project. The result is a grappa which faithfully reflects the man - it is good, honest, sincere and gentle in spirit.