The Foundation

The “SoloPerGian” Foundation came about in May 2015 by the wishes of the Berta family and is situated in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo at the Distillery with the family name.

It was after Gianfranco Berta’s untimely death, that the idea came about of setting up a Foundation which, through its work would pay tribute to a man whose insights had contributed to the success of the distillery. He also knew how to be an exemplary father, husband and brother and a leading figure for all of those who had had the chance to meet him- a point of reference for the area.

Gianfranco worked his land. The local hills were always reflected in his eyes and heart. After many years of holding the office of President of the “Asti and Astesana Confartigianato” (a group of local businessmen), he was a reference point throughout the working world and beyond. From artisan he had become a businessman with extraordinary foresight and was always on the look-out for new objectives, rather than mere profit. The Berta Distilleries were never his final goal but a means to go on and create a welcoming way to promote not only the product, but also its territory.

His motto was: take these spirits around the world as in these hills there is always something good and fascinating to tell.

As a Family, and a business deeply rooted in the land, the “SoloPerGian” Foundation came about as a non-profit organization with the following objectives:

1. to diffuse education to work and safeguard the food, farming and artisan heritage: to protect its characteristics and uniqueness, enhancing conservation projects for products in danger of extinction and promoting the development of their areas;
2. to carry out training activities, promoting and establishing training and refresher courses for young entrepreneurs, in a period in which it seems more and more difficult to find job opportunities;
3. to promote and establish awards and scholarships, publish and divulge educational materials and information;
4. to cooperate with any activity of a social nature considered relevant to the area, working or setting up funds for initiatives aimed at development of economic activity in the local community;
5. to promote studies and research linked to the traditions of the Asti region and to establish and manage the documentation centre;
6. to organize courses and training seminars for the rural development of the land;
7. to finance directly, or through contributions, the organization of projects promoting and developing the Foundation locally;
8. to organize conferences, shows and exhibitions relevant to the Foundation’s objectives;
9. to carry out real-estate, securities and financial transactions in order to achieve the Foundation’s objectives.